Dinner at NYDC

Went to NYDC at Wheelock place for a simple dinner. The outlet was already fairly crowded by the time I got there.

NYDC is a fairly well-known chain of cafes selling western dishes such as pasta, pizza, baked dishes, salads and other main courses. Its outlets have a laid back design with a trendy feel to them.

The service was prompt and the food arrived quite quickly. Ice water was also served free of charge.

First up was the lemon drink ($6.95) A tangy lemon sherbet with the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, this drink is a must-try. An excellent start to the dinner.


Next was the meatball spaghetti($15.50), one of their recommended dishes. However the dish turned out to be slightly disappointing overall- the pasta was quite decent with the tomato base giving it a welcome sweetness but the meatballs were a little too dry and tough, maybe even a little fatty. Simply not juicy enough. Overall rather mediocre.

The portions also seems to have been reduced somewhat since my last visit.


Not sure if I would return any time soon as the dishes are quite mediocre, but the drinks are rather good. The pricing isn't exactly cheap either.


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