Dish of the week: Chicken curry, Indonesian style !

This delicious dish was prepared for dinner tonight.

Unlike Indian curries, Thai, Malay and Indonesian curries are generally based on a mixture of local fresh herbs such as lemongrass, galangal, coriander leaf, fresh tumeric, lime leaves and coconut. Common Indian curry spices of cinnamon, cumin or coriander seeds are seldom used.

This dish is extremely appetizing, with a strong fragrance of lemongrass and spices, but not too spicy. This is the dry type of curry, which does not have any gravy, but instead has a dry paste which is equally tasty. Every piece of chicken is rich with flavour and spices, such as onion, lemongrass, tumeric and many others. It is rather similar to the beef rendang being sold at indonesian restaurants outside. Not as spicy as some other curries, but every bit as yummy.

Ingredients for making the curry paste: sugar, salt, ginger, spring onion, lemongrass, tumeric, onions, chili.


owl said...

Hello! Looks delicious! would you be able to post the recipe for this dish up? I love to cook too:)

Hubert wee said...

Hi, I have already posted the recipe for the curry paste.

owl said...

Oh i meant the exact measurements but its ok. I understand you might not have it too. I would just give it a try based on my "feeling"