What's your favorite cuisine?

My favorite cuisines are Thai, Indian and Italian.

Thai cuisine combines a fantastic variety of spices. Dishes like green curry chicken, pad thai and pineapple rice are difficult to resist.

Indian cuisine also has a wide variety of spices. Butter and yoghurt are frequently used. Having tried North and South Indian cuisine in Mumbai, I certainly preferred South Indian cuisine- more rice based and seafood, compared to North Indian, which is more bread-based.

Italian cuisine uses many spices and herbs for tasty cooking. Pasta, pizza and ravioli..

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Henry Yeo said...

why can only choose 1 when you chose 3?

shan said...

Hi, i've linked u. can link me back? thanks!

owl said...

Hello! Came across your blog when i was browsing thru ieatishootipost. noticed that your last post was months ago, seems like this blog aint active anymore? i went to your cheesecake blog, but it wasnt updated too. have you stopped due to low traffic? hmm. and the views abt food blogging in one entry are pretty interesting. if u really like food, why stop blogging? hope to see your entry soon. food- it's all abt sharing that brings the joy out of it aint it? :)